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This program is now open for the 2013 conference. Read the announcement for the 2012 winners.

The Women in Engineering Division (WIED) of the American Society for Engineering Education(ASEE) will award up to two grants to travel to the 2013 ASEE Annual Conference as part of its Mara H. Wasburn Early Engineering Educator Grant program. Each grant consists of reimbursement of receipted registration, travel, food, and accommodation expenses up to a maximum of $2,000.  Grant recipients are expected to attend the full duration of the conference, including the WIED Business Lunch and Reception, and one WIED-sponsored workshop.

Dr. Mara H. Wasburn (22 February 1941 - 27 March 2011) was a professor in the Department of Organizational Leadership and Supervision at Purdue University and her work on mentoring is recognized worldwide. Her mentoring model, Strategic Collaboration, was copyrighted and has been applied to both business and academic environments internationally. She was very active in ASEE, particularly WIED, and in return, we honor her commitment to mentoring and the academic advancement of women in technology and engineering by renaming the EEEG grant as the Mara H. Wasburn Early Engineering Educator Grant.

What are the goals of the program?

  • To recognize and support women at the entry/launch point of their engineering education career who have the potential to contribute to the engineering education community and support the mission of WIED.

Who is eligible?

  • Women planning to pursue a career in engineering education, who have a demonstrated commitment to innovation in teaching; and/or potential for substantial contributions to the field; and a demonstrated interest in advancing women in engineering. The nominee does not need to be a member of ASEE.
  • Eligible women are graduate students, post-docs, lecturers, and research associates.  Tenure-track and non-tenure track women faculty who are not more than three years into their first faculty position are also eligible.

How do you apply?

  • Candidates can either be self-nominated or nominated by an advisor, mentor, supervisor, or colleague.
  • Nominees should complete a nomination packet as described below and submit to the WIED Director of Awards, Susan Metz, Please use the subject line “EEEG Nomination”. Submission of pdf files is preferred but Word files will also be accepted.

What Does the Nomination Packet Include?

  1. Nomination Materials (up to 2 pages)
    • Nominee information – name/address/phone/e-mail address
    • Nominator information – name/address/phone/ e-mail address
    • Nominee Education – degree(s), institution(s), major(s), date(s) and thesis/dissertation title(s), if applicable
    • Description of activities related to advancing women and girls in engineering (K-workforce)
    • Awards and honors
    • Teaching and course development activities
    • Other instructional innovations or educational research
    • Research activities/presentations
    • List of refereed publications
    • Signatures of nominee and nominator with dates (signatures may be electronic)
  2. Statement of the nominee’s teaching philosophy including how they have applied current engineering education research to their teaching (1 page)
  3. Statement of the nominee’s career goals, and interest related to increasing access, retention and advancement of women in engineering (up to 2 pages)
  4. One letter of recommendation from a teaching mentor (up to 2 pages)
    *Please note that page limits are strictly enforced

How Are Nominations Evaluated?

  • Nominees are evaluated on:  a) record of achievement, b) current contributions and potential for future contributions to engineering education, and c) demonstrated commitment increasing access, retention and/or advancement of women in engineering.

Suggestions for EEEG Nominations
Successful nominations will:

  • Focus on evidence of commitment to and potential for future contributions to the profession of engineering education in both the nominee’s statements and letters of recommendation.
  • Give details and examples throughout their teaching philosophy, statement of career goals and letters of recommendation, such as:
    • Descriptions of experiences in engineering education that demonstrate the potential for the nominee’s future contributions to the profession and to WIED. Include specifics that demonstrate interest in advancing women in engineering.
    • Specific teaching strategies, primary objectives, and evidence that teaching development is important (for instance, attending engineering education conferences or trying innovative teaching techniques).
  • Provide a letter of recommendation that focuses on the nominee’s potential contributions to the engineering education profession and to women in engineering.  Letters that characterize qualities of the nominee that directly relate to the grant objectives are particularly useful.

When Is the Deadline?

  • Nomination packets must be emailed by Friday, February 15, 2013 to the WIED Director of Awards, Susan Metz, at All nominations will be acknowledged via email. Winners of the Mara H. Wasburn Early Engineering Educator Grant awards will be determined by March 11, 2013 and each applicant will be notified by email of their status at that time.


  • Contact Susan Metz, Director of Awards, ASEE WIED
    • Email:
    • Phone: (508) 577-8965


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